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The facility consists of four warehouses of 2000sqm. each, located in the Port of Manfredonia Customs Area "Bacino Alti Fondali", to be used as storage of goods in bulk and packed.

Furthermore, to satisfy the growing and different needs of various customers, are available:

  1. Bulk commodities bagging line ;
  2. Made to measure wood-pallets production line (complementary to the bagging process or for direct sale).

With these equipments, technologically advanced, can be performed, on third partyís account, very fast operations of bagging, palletization and packing of several kinds of solid goods in bulk: grains, fertilizers, flours, etc..

(Solid goods in bulk bagging process)

The warehouse receipt capability is about 200tonnes/h, while the bagging capability is 60tonnes/h (with 50Kg. bags).

In addition to the 8.000sqm. warehouses is available a storeyard of about 15.000sqm., within the facility borders.



Moreover, through the linked Shipping Agency , global services are offered, including:

  1. Vesselís loading/unloading operations;
  2. Transfer from vessels to the warehouses and from the warehouses to vessels;
  3. Storage, bagging and palletization;
  4. Sea, road and railway transports.

SIDAP s.r.l

Head Office:
Lungomare N. Sauro, 8
71043 MANFREDONIA - Italy
C.F. e P.Iva 02135060719

Tel:    +39.0884.581030 r.a.
Fax:   +39.0884.587278
Telex: 810275 DEGIAM
E-mail: info@sidap.it
Website: www.sidap.it

Area Doganale
"Bacino Alti Fondali"
Porto di Manfredonia
Tel: +39.0884.588313

Shipping and Forwarding Agents

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